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Specialized Assessments


Harrison provides a wide range of supplementary assessments designed to provide greater insight into physical, mental or cognitive issues.

They are either provided directly by Harrison staff, or through tight coordination with a curated network of top specialized professionals. Assessments available include:

  • Psychological Assessment1
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Nutritional Assessment1,2
  • Functional Movement Assessment1,2
  • Aerobic Capacity & Fitness Assessment1

1 included in the Premier Program
2 included in the Comprehensive Health Assessment

Specialized assessments are charged on a fee-for-service basis unless otherwise indicated.


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About Us

Harrison brings back the personalized, service-focused and compassionate care that discerning individuals and families value so highly – and that delivers optimal results. We also offer the most advanced approaches to disease prevention & management, longevity, vitality and performance using the most modern, scientifically validated methods.

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