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From Health Scare to Self-Care: The Strength of Daily Habits
A Personalized Health Assessment showed high LDL cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure, prediabetes, and low vitamin D – a surprise to Cadeyrn in his 40’s. He “couldn’t out exercise a bad diet” so with the help of his team at Harrison, he was coached to better health habits.
The Silent Path to Type 2 Diabetes and How to Take Control
When your blood sugar levels are higher than normal you may have prediabetes – Your warning sign. The opportunity to make significant lifestyle changes is now, before type 2 diabetes takes hold.
Understanding Autophagy
What is Autophagy Autophagy, a term derived from the Greek words "auto," meaning self, and "phagy," meaning eating, is a biological process that allows cells to degrade and recycle their own components. It is a critical cellular mechanism for maintaining homeostasis and adapting to various stresses. This article delves into…
The Silent Threat: High Blood Pressure Management
About one in five Canadians have high blood pressure, or hypertension. Managing it is vital for longevity and maintaining a high quality of life. With regular monitoring, and thoughtful nutrition and exercise plans, it can be done.
Is Sport the Key to Longevity?
Engaging in sports is not only a pursuit of personal bests and team victories but also a profound investment in one’s health and lifespan. The intersection of physical activity and longevity is supported by a growing body of scientific evidence, read about how it is benefiting one Harrison client
From High Risk to Heart Healthy
Annual bloodwork for an otherwise healthy 45-year-old client revealed elevated LDL cholesterol. This health scare served as the necessary catalyst to kickstart significant dietary and lifestyle changes. Paul was able to change his trajectory toward a longer and more fulfilling life with the support of his dietitian and team.
Exercise to Build Muscle: A Natural Remedy for Menopause Symptoms
The importance of strength training during menopause cannot be overstated. It reduces and alleviates symptoms and also improves heart health, maintains bone density and muscle mass, and decreases stress levels.
Don’s Desk: Emerging Technology in Healthcare: The End of Disease as We Know it?
A convergence of innovations in Genomics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Precision Medicine, and Targeted Therapies are reshaping the future of healthcare. These ground-breaking advancements seem to be poised to bring about the end of disease as we currently understand it.
The Benefits of Travel Medicine
A comprehensive overview of travel medicine in primary care including a review of the most common diseases and vaccines. Presented by Amra Dizdarevic, NP
A Fresh and Lasting Approach to Healthy Eating: A New Years Revolution
View your health journey as a scenic hike, not a sprint. In lieu of of fad diets promising quick fixes and dramatic results, let’s shift our focus to making sustainable lifestyle changes.
Promoting Mental Health and Resilience in Children and Youth
Promoting Mental Health and Resilience in Children and Youth Presented by Amra Dizdarevic, NP
How One 78-Year-Old is Defying the Stereotypes of Aging and How You Can Too
As you age, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle becomes increasingly important for extending your health span. Overcoming stereotypes of limited mobility and physical ability in older adults can be challenging. However, it's crucial to understand that you don't have to settle for marginal health in your later years. There…
Genetically Informed Care Assessment – Video Q&A
The Harrison Healthcare Genetically Informed Care Assessment Hosted by Sanda Islik with Dr. Beth Donaldson and Dr. Bernard Esquivel.
Endorphins Unleashed: The Role of Exercise in Stress Management 
Exercise is a powerful practice that relieves stress and improves our physical and mental health. During exercise we release endorphins and other chemicals to help with pain, reward systems, stress response, and even autonomic control (the nervous system).
Unstoppable at 70
Exercise is medicine; by following the advice of a preventive healthcare team, Harrison client and Mount Everest climber, Bill ensures his mind and body are well cared for without sacrificing what he enjoys most.
The Unseen Wave: The Enduring Effects of COVID-19 and How we can Fight Back
As much as we’d like to leave it in 2020, COVID-19 continues to impact individuals from all walks of life. The Harrison clinical team is seeing an uptick in cases with our own clients, and the CDC in Canada and abroad is reporting a rise in cases, hospitalizations and more.

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