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Preventive Pathway Consultation


Medical & family history consultation to find the right program for you

At Harrison, we want to ensure that you are enrolled in a program that is right for you. Therefore, the first step for all clients is a consultation with one of our highly trained physicians in concert with an intake nurse specialist. Following an in-depth review of your family and personal medical history, the intake team identifies high-level health risks as well as your personal health and performance goals and make program or service recommendations while providing a foundational preventive pathway. If important and current biomarker information is not available, a core set of examinations and tests may be prescribed if they are clinically indicated. The cost of this consultation is deducted from the first-year cost of any Harrison program you enroll in.


*Note: The fee for a preventive consultation and plan is strictly for the uninsured components of care. Physician care, prescribed lab tests, and any other publicly insured services will be billed to the provincial health insurance plan by Harrison or by its physicians.