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A premium healthcare program for discerning individuals & families

The Premier™ program is Harrison’s signature service. It is a comprehensive primary healthcare offering that provides you with a personal physician and team of specialized professionals dedicated to timely and effective care, optimizing your health, preventing disease and detecting potential health issues at the earliest stage, when treatment is most effective. It is an all-inclusive program that begins with a physician intake and a Comprehensive Health Assessment. Based on your health status, lifestyle and family history, a detailed plan is constructed that closely monitors key measures and biometrics. Ongoing tests, examinations and assessments are defined specifically for you on a schedule that is both convenient and clinically appropriate. Unlike other preventive services in the community, at Harrison there is no such thing as a lengthy, “standard” annual assessment. Every step in the plan is designed specifically for you.

The Premier program provides unlimited appointments and consultations with your Harrison team which includes your personal physician, a family health nurse or nurse practitioner, a registered dietitian, an exercise medicine specialist (kinesiologist), and a personal care coordinator and a mental health team advocate.


The Premier program also provides you with year-round, 24/7 medical care in an unhurried, on-time and collaborative manner. Services are provided in our state-of-the-art facilities, virtually or through house calls when necessary.

The Premier program includes:
  • Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • Timely, expert & compassionate care
  • A complete, dedicated team of healthcare professionals
  • Gold standard of prevention, early detection & health management
  • Comprehensive mental and cognitive healthcare coordination
  • Unhurried, on-time, flexible appointments with on-line booking options
  • 24/7 doctor-based coverage
  • State-of-the-art facilities, virtual appointments and optional house calls
  • On-site laboratory & assessment centre
  • Comprehensive mental health assessment, care planning and advocacy with community treatment partners
  • Navigation and advocacy services for public and private care options
  • Tight collaboration with external providers including pharmacy
  • Urgent case management
  • Travel medicine and 24/7 virtual care access when travelling
  • Secure, on-line, globally accessible personal health record (CareChart)
The Premier program also includes the following third party extended medical coverage*:
  • Access to a vast network of  international specialists
  • No-cost, timely specialist opinions
  • No-cost expedited MRI and CT imaging when medically necessary

$4,900 for first year
$3,900 per year thereafter

Fees are payable monthly or annually. Please see our Fees page.

Note: Fees for Harrison Programs are strictly for the uninsured components of care. Physician visits, prescribed lab tests, and any other publicly insured services will be billed to the provincial health insurance plan by Harrison or by its physicians. Subscription to a Harrison Program is not a precondition to access insured services.

* Coverage included for clients who enroll prior to age 75.


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