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Precision Medicine


Genetic & advanced biomarker testing

Harrison prides itself on providing personalized assessment and treatment plans. The core tests, examinations and assessments offered in our programs are comprehensive and are considered the essentials for establishing an accurate risk profile and prevention plan. However, modern science now provides certain tests and advanced biomarkers that can provide even greater insights into your personal health risks based on genetics and your metabolic profile. Incorporating this information into your personal plan is referred to as Precision Medicine.

Understanding which tests are appropriate and scientifically validated can be a daunting task for an individual. There are an ever-increasing number of tests being made available by companies. Many offerings over-lap or fail to provide the scientific evidence for clinical utility that meets the Harrison standard. Harrison conducts the necessary research to qualify available tests and provides the expertise to correlate results with the core assessment and plan provided within your Premier program or Comprehensive Health Assessment.

Genetic & advanced biomarker tests are optional and available for additional fees for administration and professional interpretation. 


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