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Mission Statement
“To become leaders in the prevention and management of disease, improving the health and well-being of our clients by creating a culture of innovation, excellence and compassion.”

Harrison Healthcare Inc. (Harrison) is the next iteration of a comprehensive personal and family healthcare service created by Don Copeman, the founder of the Copeman Healthcare Centres.

Established in 2005, Copeman Healthcare was the first organization of its kind in Canada, and heavily influenced a rapidly expanding market for consumers investing in service-focused, scientifically advanced preventive care for themselves and their families. The organization became the largest private family healthcare provider in Canada and was ultimately acquired by TELUS Health in 2018.

Harrison Healthcare, named after Mr. Copeman’s son, expands on the original company vision in several key areas. However, fundamentally it will become a national network of state-of-the-art medical centres that provide the following key services:
  • Essential medical care for families in non-emergency situations.
  • Comprehensive programs of primary healthcare, including therapeutic lifestyle change and coaching, designed to prevent or delay the onset of disease – and to bolster longevity, performance and well-being.
  • Secondary disease prevention programs for the early detection of disease so that interventions can be provided at the earliest possible opportunity – when treatment is most effective.
  • Chronic disease management programs designed to minimize the impact of disease on the daily life of affected individuals.
  • Concurrent mental wellness programs to optimize the effectiveness and outcomes of medical care – and to improve the well-being of all clients.

Additionally, Harrison will play a key role in navigating clients through the complex, confusing and often frustrating world of specialists, medical imaging, advanced diagnostics, hospital & surgical care and other peripheral medical services when they are required. Harrison will provide important coordination, case management and advocacy, whether such services are provided privately or through the public healthcare system.

Harrison will employ a team-based model, where the care of physicians and medical specialists is complimented by other professionals such as family health nurses, nurse practitioners, dietitians, kinesiologists, psychologists, counsellors, coaches and occupational therapists. Such inter-professional care has proven to be essential in achieving optimal health outcomes. Care will be delivered both in- clinic and virtually.


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About Us

Harrison brings back the personalized, service-focused and compassionate care that discerning individuals and families value so highly – and that delivers optimal results. We also offer the most advanced approaches to disease prevention & management, longevity, vitality and performance using the most modern, scientifically validated methods.

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