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Medical & Professional Staff

Family Physician Team

Dr. Beth Donaldson

Family Physician & Medical Director, Vancouver

Dr. Eric Gulliver

Family Physician, Calgary
Dr. Jocelyn Barber headshot

Dr. Jocelyn Barber

Family Physician, Calgary
Dr. Omair Siddiqui headshot

Dr. Omair Siddiqui

Family Physician & Medical Director, Calgary
Dr. Pavel Glaze heashot

Dr. Pavel Glaze

Family Physician, Vancouver

Dr. Pollie Lumby

Family Physician, Calgary

Harrison Clinical Team

Amra Dizdarevic

Family Nurse Practitioner

Dayna Zarn

Registered Dietitian
Jennifer Climie headshot

Jennifer Climie

Manager, Client Experience
Joey Michalski headshot

Joey Michalski

Registered Nurse
Kara Dyer headshot

Kara Dyer

Client Coordinator – Dr. Lumby & Dr. Gulliver
Kristi Hendricks headshot

Kristi Hendricks

Registered Nurse
Margi Raffan headshots

Margaret Raffan

Care Coordinator - Dr. Siddiqui

Melanie Portal

Nastaran Kheirkhah headshot

Nastaran Kheirkhah

Diagnostic & Screening Coordinator

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Harrison brings back the personalized, service-focused and compassionate care that discerning individuals and families value so highly – and that delivers optimal results. We also offer the most advanced approaches to disease prevention & management, longevity, vitality and performance using the most modern, scientifically validated methods.

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