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Within its programs, Harrison combines the publicly insured care of expert physicians with a complete team of non-insured professionals, and a host of non-insured tests, assessments and services.

This hybrid approach to comprehensive healthcare, pioneered by the principals of Harrison, has been proven to be the most effective approach to high quality, prevention-focused healthcare.

Fees for programs are strictly for the uninsured components of care. Any publicly insured services will be billed to the provincial health insurance plan by Harrison or by its physicians. Subscription to a Harrison program or service is not a precondition to access insured services.

Fees for our signature programs & services are as follows:
Program/Service First Year Annual
Premier Our signature service for adults $4,900 $3,900
Foundations Essential, preventive care for teens & young adults $1,6001
Harrison Kids Essential, preventive care for children $6751
Comprehensive Health Assessment Personalized, comprehensive, preventive health assessment & plan $2,350
Preventive Pathways Consultation Pre-enrollment consultation $425 -

1 When associated with an adult Premier client.

Fee Recovery

The cost of many Harrison services may be reimbursable through your health insurance or benefits provider. Most fees are tax deductible.

One of the most effective ways of recovering your costs is through a health spending account (HSA). Some corporate extended health plans provide an HSA component. Certain out-of-country plans may cover the entire cost of your Harrison care. You should check your existing extended health policy to calculate what your out-of-pocket cost will be.

Establishing an HSA is a tax-efficient strategy for providing principals and employees with the greatest flexibility in recovering fees from advanced health services like those offered at Harrison. Your customer service team at Harrison can refer you to health benefit providers that specialize in establishing Health Spending Accounts and other forms of coverage.


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Harrison brings back the personalized, service-focused and compassionate care that discerning individuals and families value so highly – and that delivers optimal results. We also offer the most advanced approaches to disease prevention & management, longevity, vitality and performance using the most modern, scientifically validated methods.

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