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Comprehensive Health Assessment


A highly personalized, comprehensive, preventive health assessment and plan

The Harrison CHA is the first step in assessing your current state of health. It is conducted by a complete team of expert medical professionals skilled at determining your risk profile. The result is a personalized, precise set of examinations and laboratory tests that enable the team to devise a plan based on your profile to detect disease at the earliest possible opportunity, when treatment is most effective.

Harrison places an emphasis on the connection between mental and physical health, and so a CHA also includes a specific mental health review and assessment to ensure this crucial aspect of well-being is incorporated into your health plan.

The Harrison CHA also provides education and a pathway for reducing any long-term health risks that may exist. If your secondary goal is performance, the CHA also provides personalized information on how to optimize your potential and improve your quality of life. Your team will listen very carefully and ensure that the assessment provides information that is of particular importance to you.


Your CHA team will prescribe laboratory tests and diagnostic screening based on your genetic and lifestyle profile. This may include body composition analysis, screening ultrasound, lung-aerobic capacity, stress ECG, functional movement, nutrition, and mental health assessments, and a selection from over 30 core blood measures and biomarkers. Optional one-time genetic testing is also available to provide even greater insight into your specific, genetic-based health risks.


The Harrison CHA includes:

  • Review and update of your health, family history and lifestyle profile
  • Complete physical examination
  • Comprehensive laboratory tests on blood, urine and stool samples
  • Functional examination of the heart, lungs, ears and eyes
  • Point-of-Care Ultrasound examination, when indicated
  • Exercise physiologist consultation
  • Aerobic fitness testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • Dietitian assessment & consultation
  • Mental health risk assessment and initial treatment coordination, when indicated
  • Optional genetic testing for greater health plan precision (see Precision Medicine service)
  • Online personal health record & plan presentation (HealthChart)


Note: Fees for Harrison Programs are strictly for the uninsured components of care, including non-physician care. Insured physician visits and after-hours care, prescribed tests, and any other publicly insured services will be billed to the provincial health insurance plan by Harrison or by its physicians. Provincial health insurance plans invariably provide important physician services in the fields of prevention and disease management. Subscription to a Harrison Program is not a precondition to access insured physician services.


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