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Making a Difference Through Personalized, Compassionate Care


Health Advocate and Champion for Your Clients

Registered Nurses (RNs) at Harrison play a pivotal role in providing seamless client care. We offer clinical nursing services, client education, and serve as the first resource for health-related questions, clinical support, and navigation. As health advocates and champions for our clients, RNs assume a health coaching role to support, motivate, and facilitate healthy change—an integral part of chronic care management and disease prevention.

Help Clients Achieve their Health Goals

The diverse knowledge and expertise of Registered Nurses enable us to offer a wide range of clinical care services across various settings. This creates a role filled with variety and daily opportunities for professional growth.

RNs collaborate with a clinical team that includes nurse practitioners, exercise physiologists, dietitians, lab assistants, and physicians to deliver excellent care to our clients.

At Harrison, RNs are given the time and resources necessary to truly get to know their clients, provide compassionate care, and gain a clear understanding of how they can make a significant impact.

Connect with Us

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Members of the Harrison Team Always:

  • Seek out ways to demonstrate our core values of Compassion, Innovation, and Excellence
  • Display enthusiasm for delivering personalized care
  • Navigate and adapt to clinical challenges
  • Foster a forward-thinking approach to healthcare and help drive innovation in the organization
  • Lean in to learning and willing to use a variety of technologies

Career Growth and Development

Harrison Healthcare provides a respectful environment where your skills and expertise are valued. Registered Nurses use a variety of skills in their role and provide care for individuals of all ages and conditions. This offers the opportunity to maintain current skills, acquire new ones, and discover new passions within a clinical environment. Additionally, our RNs contribute to driving improvements in processes, services, and programs.

Support for professional development is provided in terms of both time and financial resources and is actively encouraged by the leadership team. RNs participates in regular care planning meetings with other medical professionals to discuss case studies and dissect new research findings.


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