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Education, Empowerment, and Sharing the Joys of Healthy Eating


Assess, Educate, Collaborate, and Motivate

Registered Dietitians at Harrison Healthcare play an integral role in our preventive healthcare model. We all have a powerful relationship with food, so facilitating changes in our clients’ dietary habits requires a human-centered approach.

This role is well-suited for those who truly enjoy working with people. Building on a strong foundation of dietetic knowledge, the key to success in this position is getting to know our clients through a lens of compassion and empathy. We strive to listen and truly understand our clients’ goals, finding strategies to help them overcome common barriers and objections, and change their habits in a way that fits their lifestyle.

A Comprehensive Wellness Approach

Nutrition cannot be addressed in isolation, which is why we consider lifestyle, mental wellness, and a client’s medical history in our approach to change. We empower our clients with knowledge, provide ongoing support, and collaborate with their other care providers to help them achieve success.

Understanding the science of nutrition is crucial for empowering our clients with positive dietary choices and steering them clear of common pitfalls. In a landscape often clouded by misinformation, our team is dedicated to continually updating our knowledge with the latest health trends. This commitment enables us to nurture our clients’ well-being by fostering healthy habits and personalizing our recommendations.

Career Growth and Development

Harrison Healthcare provides a respectful environment where your skills and expertise are valued. As the diet and nutrition experts on the medical team, we collaborate with our clinical colleagues to deliver highly personalized client care.

Support for professional development is provided in terms of both time and financial resources and is actively encouraged by the leadership team. The Registered Dietitian team participates in regular care planning meetings with other medical professionals to discuss case studies and dissect new research findings.

Additionally, the team holds department-specific meetings to stay up to date with current best practices, internal processes, and to foster open discussion and inter-team communication. As an innovative and adaptable organization, Harrison encourages input on service improvements, training processes, and programming. 

Members of the Harrison Team Always:​

  • Seek out ways to demonstrate our core values of Compassion, Innovation, and Excellence
  • Display enthusiasm for delivering personalized care
  • Navigate and adapt to clinical challenges
  • Foster a forward-thinking approach to healthcare and help drive innovation in the organization
  • Lean in to learning and willing to use a variety of technologies

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