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An Independent Practice Focused on Prevention, Patient Education and Empowerment


Discover the exceptional opportunities for Nurse Practitioners at one of Canada’s leading healthcare centres

As Nurse Practitioners (NPs) at Harrison Healthcare, our purpose is to make a positive impact on our clients’ physical, mental, and emotional health. We lead the child, youth, and young adult care practices and play an integral role in women’s health and adult primary care. We provide both episodic and prevention-focused care in a calm and compassionate environment.

As family-centered providers, we are uniquely positioned to empower health behaviour change and instill lifelong skills and habits in our younger clients as they grow. We perform minor procedures, provide urgent after-hours coverage, and lead the travel medicine service.

Mental health assessments are an important part of an NP’s practice. We normalize the discussion of mental wellness with our clients and take proactive steps in the promotion and maintenance of mental health, as well as in the management of mental illness.

Collaborative Work Environment

Nurse Practitioners have the opportunity to grow a thriving clinical practice where they can truly get to know their clients. Enjoy extended visit times that allow you to build rapport and trust, ultimately fostering a wonderful relationship in which you can nurture and support all aspects of your clients’ health.

Harrison NPs are well-positioned to connect with their fellow clinicians in an environment that emphasizes collaborative care. Teams are encouraged to share evidence-based information and educate one another with the goal of providing the latest in evidence-based and modern care to their clients. At the core of the clinical team is a respectful and supportive group that empowers each other.

Connect with Us

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Members of the Harrison Team Always:

  • Seek out ways to demonstrate our core values of Compassion, Innovation, and Excellence
  • Display enthusiasm for delivering personalized care
  • Navigate and adapt to clinical challenges
  • Foster a forward-thinking approach to healthcare and help drive innovation in the organization
  • Lean in to learning and willing to use a variety of technologies
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Career Growth and Development

Career growth opportunities are important to the Harrison leadership team, who empower and trust its NPs to pursue professional opportunities. These opportunities include clinical fellowships, conferences, and continuing education in a variety of specialties. Professional development is supported with both time and financial resources.

As clinical leaders of Harrison’s children, youth, and young adult programming, NPs are encouraged to drive evidence-based innovations across all programs. This represents a unique opportunity for those seeking to influence positive change in the Canadian healthcare landscape.


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The Harrison Healthcare team created a series of educational seminars dedicated to Nurse Practitioners and a practice focused on prevention.

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