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Normalizing Mental Wellness and Supporting a Healthy Mind-Body Connection


Discover the Exceptional Opportunities in Mental Health at one of Canada’s leading Healthcare Centres

The Mental Health Care Navigator (MHCN) is a key clinical figure within each Centre at Harrison Healthcare, bringing mental health expertise to the forefront of a primary care setting. They efficiently and compassionately connect clients with specialized third-party services, tailoring support to individual needs, and integrating these into comprehensive care plans.

This role requires a dedication to personalized care, advocacy, and respect for the sensitive nature of mental health services. MHCNs enhance the effectiveness of care teams by providing essential mental health insights. They ensure all team members are informed about clients’ health statuses and any updates to care plans.

Adaptive practitioners with extensive mental health experience and knowledge of the latest industry developments are well suited for this role. MHCNs are organized, skilled communicators, capable of managing the dynamic environment of a diverse healthcare centre, and driven to make a meaningful difference in the lives of clients.

Building on Three Key Relationships:

  1. The Client – Deliver highly personalized care and support to clients by connecting them with the resources they need. From navigating counselling options to seeking alternative support tools, build trusting relationships to help clients wherever they are on the mental health spectrum.
  2. Clinical Colleagues – Promote the value of effective mental health care, and act as an additional voice and industry expert at the table to help the clinical care teams solve for any somatic challenges in overall health and well-being.
  3. Community Partners – Well-versed in the language and nuances of mental health, you understand the services, opportunities and challenges, and therapeutic relationships available so that you can easily match clients to the options that will work best for them.

Career Growth and Development

This is a unique role in the mental health field. You have the opportunity to lean on your clinical experience and expertise, and combine this with true clinical collaboration with other medical professionals. You will have time to build relationships in your community with other providers, and make a noticeable impact in the delivery of primary care at the individual level.

The team is supported to pursue professional development opportunities that will bring positive change to Harrison and our clients. As ambassadors of Harrison, the MHCN is encouraged to drive innovations in client experience, and seek opportunities to enhance personalized care in a growing company.

Members of the Harrison Team Always

  • Seek out ways to demonstrate our core values of Compassion, Innovation, and Excellence
  • Display enthusiasm for delivering personalized care
  • Navigate and adapt to clinical challenges
  • Foster a forward-thinking approach to healthcare and help drive innovation in the organization
  • Lean in to learning and willing to use a variety of technologies