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Build Relationships and Help Deliver Team-Based Personalized Care


Discover the exceptional opportunities in the Lab at one of Canada’s leading healthcare centres

At the heart of Harrison Healthcare’s on-site laboratory is the dedicated team of Medical Lab Assistants – called Screening and Diagnostics Coordinators. This dedicated team strives to create a well-functioning lab that provides an efficient, familiar, and compassionate experience. They offer a reassuring presence to clients, particularly those who require regular lab work and other comprehensive testing.

A Comprehensive Wellness Approach

Screening and Diagnostics Coordinators play an integral role in providing excellent client service and clinical team support by ensuring the lab is organized and able to accommodate special requests from clients and fellow clinicians.

They further support their clinical colleagues through medical supply management throughout the clinic and enhanced responsibilities include taking vitals, diagnostics, and scheduling client appointments.

Career Growth and Development

The lab offers opportunities to specialize, learn, and grow. Harrison leadership encourages regular career growth conversations and support for professional development is provided in terms of both time and financial resources.

Screening and Diagnostics Coordinators are empowered to influence lab operations and what services or upgrades may be necessary to further elevate the client experience.

Members of the Harrison Team Always:

  • Seek out ways to demonstrate our core values of Compassion, Innovation, and Excellence
  • Display enthusiasm for delivering personalized care
  • Navigate and adapt to clinical challenges
  • Foster a forward-thinking approach to healthcare and help drive innovation in the organization
  • Lean in to learning and willing to use a variety of technologies

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